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To my friends I am the smartest, toughest, nicest person to ever exist on the outside. On the inside I am so deeply conflicted I avoid people because I was so badly bullied that I am afraid to be rejected now. Even if I am bigger, more attractive, and nicer than all of my bullies now their actions still deeply affect me and my everyday life. Now I don't have the confidence to approach women or take risks for jobs.

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  • you are the exact copy of me, i am just moving on and i am not afraid to be rejected now, i know the things that happened to me shaped my thoughts and behaviours and that changes made me a better person with a stronger personality. Just let things go :)

  • Get over it. Seriously, stop letting them continue to hurt you. Pain is like a light switch, flip the switch and turn it off. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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