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I play the Sims 3 and I love it. My brother keeps telling me "why are you playing this stupid game and not go out, find a boyfriend and do everything you do there?". I tell him it's because I want to build houses and I can't build in real life. I do like building houses, but I also play, because I envy the Sims. Their feelings can be altered with 1-2 cheating codes or this machine from lifetime happiness rewards, they can be thin with cheating codes, their traits can change, they don't die from cancer, car accidents, heart failure or anything else but fire, drowning, electrocution and old age, they don't get sick, the feelingsare bidirectional, there are no wars, no injuries, no evil that harms other people! They don't lay down and cry because the guy they're in love with is having health issues or other serious problems. They don't get depressed. The pain passes. In real life it doesn't pass! The days hardly go by

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  • You can shape the Sims to live in your ideal life, while you're stuck behind the computer losing time to try get that life you desire. If you try hard enough you can make what happens in game a reality. Automation saves lives in the workplace, research beats disease, and evil is always overcome.

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