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I hate you anorexic, attention w*ore, monkey face he will never love you! you don't know how to dress, you are so superficial, i can't live my life if you are in it, i hate every piece of you are. It was better then, you are not my befriend i lied to you because i fell sorry for you, she is, not you, she!! godd you are just soo idiot, you only think of yourself, you know what I WENT TO THAT PARTY WITHOUT YOU,WITH HER, AND WE BOTH AGREE TO NEVER TOLD. your eBIGGEST ENEMY" LAST YEAR WAS ACTUALLY A GREAT FRIEND WITH ME, i was the one who cried because of you, and im going to keep pretending i am you friend because im scared of how you will react if you find out.

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  • Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

  • There should be an agr limit on this site, no kids under 10 y/o allowed

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