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I'm dating a guy, who's much older than me. We have some problems in relationship becauae we are living in different countries. He doesn't trust me and simply thinks that I'm a whore, even though I'm virgin. i don't know how to act, because sometimes he even thinks that i'm lying even tho i'm not. He doesn't even try trusting me and all because of his ex who cheated on him for 6 months while they were dating 2 years. He thinks that all girls are whores now. After all he tells me that he loves me and even asked to marry him. I'm moving to his country in 2 years. I think we will break up soon, but I love him really much and I want to stay with him forever. I really love him!!!!!!

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  • I agree with the other poster. Yes, it is that bad. Everything about this guy screams "RUN AWAY". He does not trust you, he does not respect women. He thinks they are all whores, but he makes you jump through hoops to prove that you are not like them. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON. DO NOT MOVE TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON THIS GUY. You are not having problems because you living in different countries. You are having problems because he is so terrible with women that he needs to find a much younger woman in another country because none of the women in his age and his country will put up with his bullshit.

  • leave him

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