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i've been growing apart from my group of friends except for one, she's the one i think im gonna share my friendship my whole life. Shes awesome and very supportive. the other are just so judgmental and just care about clothes and superficial stuff like that, i cant bare it anymore. i used to try to blend in but now i dont have the guts for that anymore, f*ck that and f*ck them

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  • I'm actually at a similar place right now, however in my case it's the other way around. I feel as though my friends have lost interest in, they pay no attention to what I say and could care less about where I am or what I'm doing. And I know why. Ever since this girl joined our friendship group all the attention haz been directed to her. I was always the cute one since I'm the youngest but now because she acts all cute she is the cute one. The thing I haye about most is that she speaks badly of me to a few of my friends and I know for certain that now majoritt of the friends in my group would support her and believe her over me

  • I wish my guy best friend saw me this way. I've basically done the same thing, I just don't care for all the drama all my other friends bring to me and talk about stupid stuff. I just want to focus on just him and that's it so I'm always supportive of him and have his back. Good luck.

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