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A guy classmate repeatedly trying to flirt with me. I'm not interested in him. I know I'm not pretty and everything. I wasn't trying to play hard either. But he is just not my type. I'm not the type of person who is just going to "try" someone. I don't want to hurt myself and him. I don't want to waste my time on that. It better to focus on my studies and future. I think he told my other classmate (the clown in the class) abt his feelings towards me. And the "clown" started making stories abt me and the guy. Which now putting me into embarrassment and awkward situation. I already gave him few sign that im not interested and hope he could understand. I dont want be harsh but he just couldn't understand. So instead of treating him like a friend, I told him to F off and ignore him entirely.

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  • No offense but, what is wrong with people hints are not and should never be a way to tell anyone that you are not interested. Telling the truth that you are not interested in him is hte best thing for him. Don't be a bitch about it but tell him in a firm way that you are not interested.

  • you shouldn't have just thrown out hints that you weren't interested..you shouldve just told him.

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