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One part of me is willing to restrict myself from all kinds of junk food and exercise and overcome pain and suffering and be hot for my man, but the bigger side just can't cope with being uncomfortable and loves food, and by food I mean not plain chicken with steamed veggies. I'm truly uncomfortable with my body at the moments I'm aware of it and I feel really ashamed of myself and sorry for my man. He loves me, but I can't imagine how bad it is when your girl looks this disgusting. He himself is lucky to be skinny by nature, have crazy metabolism and not like to eat that much, even despite not going to gym and eating junk. :(

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  • If _you_ want to lose weight, I recommend you spend some time building a healthy lifestyle, which would result in weight loss and a healthier happier you. If _he_ wants you to lose weight and/or is not supportive, I recommend both adopting the healthy lifestyle AND dumping his lame ass.

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