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My love life sucks. I like someone but he doesn't like me or he has a girlfriend or he is gay, when someone else like me he is ugly or he doesn't have emotions or he is just a friend. #sigh

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  • If you don't wanna be with a guy just because he's "ugly" according to you, you have no right to be with a man who you think is handsome. I've been with a girl, at first I didn't think she was that pretty, but I kept talking with her and we got closer and closer. And as we got closer, she became more and more beautiful to me. Love people for who they are, not for their look.

  • Nice. No wonder people have no self esteem. No one is ugly, everyone is beautiful, its honestly the inside that counts. I know. So please dont complain, even if someone likes you that you dont really like, doesnt mean you have to put them down Anonymous or not. #SorryNotSorry

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