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I am undergoing a conflict of my own feelings. My biggest wish is to only be with one person in my life. One girlfriend, one wife, just one huge love. But recently there is someone i am really starting to like, and at the same time i do want to continue feeling the way i do now because it makes me feel really good, but i also I do not want it to continue because of my biggest wish about being with only person in my life. I do not think this person is the "One", i know she doesn't like me because i told her how i feel and if she had any feelings towards me she would tell me. But even if she did have feelings towards me, i have no idea what i would do, never been in a relationship, and i am not sure if i want to be, but at the same time i can't stop thinking about her because she makes me happy when i see her. I am the kind of guy who tries to see the good in everybody, and i see a lot of good in her. What should do i do? I can't simply forget about her, i tried but then I just felt empty inside.

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  • Kinda same here...and I also have this problem and I'm trying to forget even if it's freaking painful...Try to occupy yourself with something, anything and don't think that much especially about her... eventually I think we'll forget...or at least I hope... :)

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