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I'm a girl. I'm bi. But I dress more boyish. You know, jeans and a T-shirt. Whatever. And recently, I've been roleplaying as a guy. I'll be in my room. And I drees as a giu. Completely. I have been thinking about getting a sex change a lot recently. Is that a bad thing? Is this just a phase?

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  • Unless you have bodily dysphoria, you probably aren't transgender or anything of the sort. If you do, then there's lots of resources for you to find out whether or not this is something you can relate to. But, there's nothing wrong with being a girl likes traditionally guyish things. (And pay no heed to that other comment. You retain all tactile and erotic sensation after having sex reassignment surgery.)

  • I heard that when you undergo a sex change, You won't feel anything anymore. Idk

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