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I am a guy and I have had sex many times... but even after 6 years of experience I live under a constant fear of it. I think my D is small. I come quickly. And at times I come more quickly cuz I cannot believe I am actually having sex. I need to loose all this in my head and go ahead and enjoy. Because of this I have tried to keep myself held back from sex at times.

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  • think about something, i offten was thinking about ocean or smth the waves the sound of wind and so on, realy blocks the presure. but i cant last for hours anymore cuz gf messt me up, im comin in less than 30 min, if she does come she wants and pushes me 2 do the same, fckin hate it. worst sex ir something is rushing you.

  • try oxys i used to have the same problem, took half and fucked her 5 hours straight. as for the small d as long as shes taking it, it probably means its cool

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