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I'm afraid to tell anyone that i play video games and enjoy playing them.. I'm a 15 year old girl. I hate to mention that i'm a girl. its ok for a girl to play video games, sex or age doesnt matter, everyone can play games because games are fu**ing awesome. i really adore video games since i was a little kid but i dont want people to think that i just like these things to get the boys attention. 'The typical girl should only think about boys and sh*t, any girl who tries to be different seeks attention', yeah s**k my b*tt. Because of that i dont have a friend who plays games too. All my friends think about love and how they look or if they'll ever gonna find a bf/gf or whatever. ok tbh i think about these things too,sure but there are other things in life that matter like/ or things you can have a lot of fun with.. this pisses me off so much

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  • bitch you trippin,i know all kinds of girls who play games,everybody plays videogames they're fuckin fun,i mean i much rather take a walk on the woods or smoke a joint by the river but video games are cool too. just do ya thing and be happy,if anyone asks you if you play games say you play and that's basically it. you overthinking things. peace

  • Hey, look the bright side: it's better than playing with other people's heart like those girls who you wrote down. :) And it's up to you if you are interested at all in finding a boyfriend... so don't bother yourself with what others think about you ;)

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