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I've been severly depressed for the past year or so and I can't even tell my parents because they wouldn't beliebe me and think I was overeacting. I daily think about how alone I am. I have no friends and my past relationships have failed. My mom tells me it's my fault and I'm too picky but I'm really not. I just want REAL friends. I'm so sick of being hurt and looked over. Whats wrong with me? Why can't I just be normal??

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  • sweetheart, because you cant make friends that you want doesnt make you severly depressed. Severe depression makes you WANT to stop talk to people. You would have awful problems sleeping, you would have trouble eating, and you would have a hard time getting out of bed. If you had those problems, youd find it hard to want to talk to people (even if you did feel lonely)

  • You just need yo have faith in yourself. My past all relationships didn't work out. But never loose hope. Maybe you will get this most amazing guy. Don't ever think you're lonely amd friends. You can try am be appy wid yourself

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