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I Need A Hero  My world is caving in. Soon it'll all be but a dream. I need a hero. One who can save me. I'm dying. Have been for a century it feels like. I've been strong. So strong... Times running out. My world has become smaller. I need a hero. Each day goes by with so much pain and sorrow. I have no soul. It's been consumed with such wickedness. I'm no longer in control of my body nor my mind. Both my body and mind have been captivated by my haunting nightmares.  I can't escape.  I need a hero to save me from the devilish ways of the world. I can't survive on my own. Please send me a hero.  

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  • Be your own hero and calm down. You talk too much.

  • I think this one just wants to share his /hers gift of writing poetry. Know that feel. When you can't put a fucking sentence together but you can write a song in a minute ans it expresses a whole year if emotions

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