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What Am I? I am invisible and an outcast. I wonder if I can be saved from darkness.  I hear my thoughts scramble, running into each other.  I see pain in my eyes as I look at my broken reflection. I want to feel like a normal teenager. I am invisible and an outcast. I pretend to be happy and fit in.... I believe I will never belong. I touch my chest to feel if my heart is still beating. I feel miserably alone. I worry that I'll always feel this way. I cry when I'm imprisoned with demons that live within me. I am invisible and an outcast. I understand to be original. I say dare to be different. I dream darkness within me taking over my soul.  I am invisible and an outcast.

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  • Just chill on the drama.

  • I feel you. You describe my feelings well.stay strong. I have the idea that this could be a song lyrics. I would listen to it over and over again like demons of imagine dragons :)

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