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Went to visit my gramps at the nursing home today, on the way back to my car, and old woman started chatting me up, being the nice guy that I am I conversed with her. She told me that her husband died a few years back, aand that she really doesn't have any family. She was very personable. We ended up on the topic of sex, made me a bit uncomfortable, but I went along. She ended up bribing me with a check for 500 bucks to see my d*ck, at first I was absolutely shock, but for that money, i decided to give it a go. She hasn't seen on in a long time, ended up giving me head. Now she pays me every week to come give her some quality time. It's a bit gross, I'm aware, but for the money, I can't complain.

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  • Prostitute?

  • It's kind of gross cause she's old

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