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When I was 7 I had a sleepover at my aunt's house. I slept in another room as my aunt, in the morning she told her boyfriend to wake me up. He touched my v***** and I woke up shocked and scared. It's been 11 years and they are married now and I am afraid to tell anybody until now. I never speak about this and I never speak to him since that day.

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  • There is still a point in telling. He should be arrested for doing something like that to a CHILD.

  • well i see no point of telling anyone now , at least he didn't go further (i was molested so i know how u feel) ,so basically what u did is good, not talking to him anymore, and since it's been 11 years i'm pretty sure you're badass now ,and wont let him touch in any way , try to learn out of it and move on

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