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During a vacation me, my gf and her little sister had to spend a night in the same room 1 big bed and a small one for her. during the night i woke up to the sound of the little sister masturbating. after she was done i softly told her that it was very naughty and i wouldn't be able to sleep for the night. she came on over and gave me a blowjob, swallowing my cum all down. my gf lying next to me was obliviously sleeping on. I hope we'll have more fun like this in the future. Thoughts on turning her sister into a fucktoy for both of our sexual frustrations is crossing my mind, I love my gf loads and wouldn't ever want to leave her.

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  • Tell little sister to work on the gf for a threesome deal. Them the world will be you oyster.

  • By now she's between 19 and 21 i guess.

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