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I fell in love with my best friend and she rejected me and told me she was in love with some-one else. She also told me that she actually was in love with me untill she met that other guy. That was six months ago and we haven't spoken since. And now... I'm... I'm just... I am the happiest person alive and proud of myself for telling her! Please people! If you're in love with somebody, tell them! Before it's too late. And if you're planning not to tell, you will regret it! Believe me!

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  • I had a similar experience but she met the guy she loved after we had been dating for a month :\

  • i thought i loved someone in the past, know i'm not so sure. i told her and she was kind to me when she refused at first but them used to make her ex jealous. never recovered from that abusive bitch

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