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¤ My Invisible Mask ¤  I lay awake at nights starring at the ceiling. I wonder why I feel like I'm trapped in someone else's body. I'm wearing an invisible mask and no one knows it. The girl that lays within is gone. She is no where to be found. She needs to be woken up before it's too late. I've become nothing. I feel nothing. I don't belong anywhere. I'm going under to try and save myself. Every where I go it's like I hit a dead end. That girl is gone. I feel like I'm going insane!!! I feel so trapped in darkness!! I can be surrounded by a sea of people but yet feel so alone. I'm different from others. No one can understand my pain. It consumes my mind and takes over my body physically and emotionally. My thoughts scramble, running into each other. I can go days without sleeping. When I sleep, everything just becomes worse. My nightmares take over my body and I feel like I can't wake up from it. I'm drowning on the inside. The girl inside dies every day waiting to be found. The truth is, she was dead to begin with.

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  • have you considered writing your short stories on wattpad?

  • Mopey girls make for easy-to-bang highschool goths

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