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I never wear seat belt because I had an accident with a friend. He was the one who drove the car but I was blamed for everything. Why? Because his injuries was more serious than mine. It was actually not my fault at all. He was tried to show off his "mad" driving skill when suddenly he lose control and crashed into the lorry to the drain. He was unconscious. In shock, I was struggling to unbuckle the seat belt but i couldn't. I was so scared bcos there was loud noise coming from the engine. I knew the car was going to explode. I tried to move the seat but it wont move. I thought I was going to die. I realized he didn't wear seat belt. So I thought mybe if i can kick him out from the car could save him from the explosion or whatever. So, I did. I was just sit there dont know what to do. Luckily, a guy came with a knife help to cut my seat belt and pull me out from the car. Though, there was no explosion, the car was burnt out.

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  • Well... to each his own.. but I ALWAYS wear the seat belt because I was involved in an accident with 2 friends 8 years ago. We were returning from holiday and the guy driving fell asleep behind the wheel and hit another car. I was the only one in the car wearing the seat belt and I was also the only one to survive (barely, at that moment). The car ended being a mess of metal parts and the doctors said I survived because I had my seatbelt on and because I was short/slim enough to fit in a tiny space when the car turned to a matchbox.

  • That does not make sense , why would they assume is was your fault ? People are idiots

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