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I have a girlfriend for over a year now. I love her. She is like my best friend. I can talk to her about everything and I want to spend every single minute with her. But the problem is, she got a little chubby the last couple of months. It really turns me off. I hardly come when we have sex.

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  • Suggest you start exerciaing together

  • Relationship has two sides:emotional and sexual one. If one of those is off... just tell her if it bothers you that much. It will be like a punch in the face for her but at least you're honest. Also, if you're chubby yourself then you can't demand her not to be. The best move may be to just join an activity together.She won't suspect anything if you say: Hey, let's go biking. Or if you decide to eat healthier and try to get her on board.

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