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The first time I had sex (which was recently) we didn't use a condom but we stopped before he came. It was just after my period so basicly, I couldn't be fertile at that time. We've had sex two times after that, with a condom. I didn't tell anyone we had sex. Now my period is late and I'm freaking out and can't talk to anyone about it.

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  • DUMB BITCH it goes like this: didnt came = not pragnent. fckin hate this kind of woman you maybe too stressed out that why your period is not in the right time. good fix for that, have a deep sex, as deep as you can get the dick, it helps, approved by me and my gf. so have a deep sex once and w8 for day or too, period will come, maybe eaven in the same night.

  • Just a note. Sperm can survive in the uterus for up to a week. Up to two weeks before and during menstruation are the best chances not to get pregnant. So good luck!

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