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I know it's long but read this it's worth it. Fear, everyone has one or more, we often let it take control of our lives; why? Because we are too weak to fight it on our own. I am afraid of heights, and I've let that fear rule over as long as I've known myself. I can’t look down from a high ground without saying to myself “What if I fall?” and I immediately get frightened, even if between me and the fall is a fence or a window, I still get frightened even if I know I cannot fall down. That fear forbade me a lot of things, when my friends would go to look at a marvelous view from a hill or any other high ground, I would usually stay back because I am too frightened to even go near the hill. But lately I've managed to get over the fear at some crucial times; don’t get me wrong, I am still afraid of heights, but I've learned to fight it. The first time that has happened was about 3-4 years ago at a bible camp. There was an abandoned railway tunnel across a river, some of us have decided to go and see the tunnel, but there was a catch, we had to cross an old wooden bridge across the river. I didn't know how high it was until we got there, I was frightened, I wanted to go back, and if I was alone on this journey, I probably would have gone back, but luckily my friends where there, they were cheering for me to cross the bridge, and on the end I've managed to cross it. The second time it happened was at that same bible camp just 2 years later, there was yet another bridge we had to cross, I sat on a rock frightened to go any further, a friend of mine saw me and said “Come on, we have to go”, I told him “I can’t, I am too afraid”, but my friend just looked at me and said “Close your eyes and hold on to me, everything is going to be fine”, and so I did. When that happened I realized something, when comes to fear, or anything else that we let control our lives, this is what we do. We hit fear right in its face trying to control it, but to no avail, fear ALWAYS comes back up and hits harder pinning us down to the ground. We are not strong enough to fight it alone, if we were than we wouldn't let fear or anything else take control over us. That is why in those helpless moments we need friends to help us back up when we fall, but when your friends are not there and when you feel utterly alone, remember, you are never really alone, god is always there with you, and he can lift you up so high, fear nor anything else that you let control your life, cannot even touch you.

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  • I like you.

  • I am afraid of a bunch of people that base their decisions on a story book about an imaginary friend in the sky.

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