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I'm lost within reality. I don't know what to do, I want to tell an ex that I want a second chance but don't want it to scare him away. If I hold back then I risk the chance of him doubting my feelings towards him and pushing him away. I want to tell him and need to, but I don't know if I'm ready to know our true fate. If we can never be an us again I risk losing everything i've worked on and staying stong for, pushig myself forward, everything was being drawn off the strength he showed me that was within myself. Without him I know I will fall, depression will hit me hard and I'll be back to nothing. I have came so far because of him, can I risk losing everything? My dreams of being back in his arms will fade and my hope will perish. Am I really ready to face the reality if we can never be an us again? Life without hopes of happiness, am I strong enough for it? I hardly made it out the first time we broke up, I lost and fell into an abusive relationship with no love or trust because I didn't know what to do or who was wrong for me or that I could do better. Because of him I found my strength that I buried and pulled myself out. That one person in your life that makes you smile, brings you up, gives you hopes and dreams, makes everyday worth living, can I live without him? I'm stuck wanting to put my heart back out there again, but don't want to know the reality. I want to live in my dreams forever, but dreams fade. I never want to lose but can't seem to win, so what do I so now?

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  • You are too young to realize this guys is probably not all that. Your best bet is to maintain your self respect. Casually tell him you would like to give it another shot. If he says no thanks move on and consider it his loss. That approach will make you much more attractive than being a clingy drama queen.

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