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I just recently lost 60 pounds and I am now on my ideal BMI, but I lost almost all of my breasts' volume; going from a C cup to an A cup. I am just so sad. Yes, I can fit into sample size clothing from the big designers, I have the model body to die for. But I don't feel feminine and it takes away the happiness and joy of being thin. I am so so scared that I will never be able to brastfeed my future kids; that I have no real breast tissue left. I cannot sleep because of that it is tormenting me. What can I do? I am terrified of surgeries!

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  • Your boobs will be bigger after pregnancy and size has nothing to do with being able to breastfeed. Its your mammory glands not your breast tissue that produces milk.

  • breasts exercise my lady, breasts are fat tissue not muscle but with exercise you can gave them mass

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