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It's so ridiculous that Brazilians feel really bad about losing 7-1 to Germany, i mean they put so much hope in football, it's like winning the world cup is going to solve their country serious problems for the next 10 yrs. i know this because in live in Portugal and the same happens here too. the country is bankrupt but people speak like this particular sport is going to solve everything

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  • Omg, Brazil is not that terrible place! I'm a brazilian and I don't care about football, and I admit that our country has to get better. But, look at Brazil, it's the 7th economy of the world, and still getting bigger! We have a free health care, a good education and everything that a good country has. Unfortunaly, our country has this TV media, that basically, control us. Until 2002, they "choose" our president, but after that, we got Lula ( One of the most amazing mans!! Serious, search for what he did for our country. We not even got the 2008 crisis, because o f him! ), and now Dilma, that is also good. But, our tv media still control most of us, and they just put the bad things on air! Most brazilians, in MY OPINION, got blind and just see the bad things of our country. So, your image from Brazil, is just this dark media, that put the bad things on air for politics reasons.

  • I'm brazilian and honestly, i don't give a fuck about football.

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