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My ex accuses me of making her a seks addicted lesbian. I went to her and had seks again and a week later with her and her best friend. Now I am.dating her best friend and I don't give a fuck about all the drama that happend already I loved her for a long long time but she is so fucked up that I really don't give a fuck anymore. And I really love the girl I am with now. That it is her best friend, I can't do anything about that.I fell for her the moment I saw her and did my best.not to cheat and I didn't. But I just couldn't handle my ex anymore a lot.of months later. So when I got the.chance I took it :) not.sorry at all.

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  • Sex. If you cant spell a 3 letter 1 syllable word, you probably shouldnt be doing it either

  • Glad it worked out for you :-)

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