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For some reason, I look back on my life and see this pattern of always needing to have an enemy of some kind. It becomes this constant battle between me and them in a public way and then I have this own battle within myself in my mind about how I just can't let it go. Then a few years go by and they become a dark shadow in the background and boom! Here comes another enemy to meet me! It makes it even worse that these things are like moral issues, so my friends and family encourage me to defeat these enemies for justice and tell me its ok to be angry for an extended period because I am in the right. Then too top it all off my friends and family love to see me have these epic performances of me playing bad ass bitch with these people and cheer me on to win. Lately, I have been doing some deep reflecting and I find myself torn between wanting to find inner peace or being bad ass bitch who beats these evil doers (lately it's been more psychological warfare than anything else) into the ground.

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  • YOu should seek professional help. This is not a good way of thinking.

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