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I am Asexual. My body works fine but i don't understand sexual attraction. I see most of society as a product of the instinct to mate that i don't have. I'm sad it means that someone will never love me.

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  • Oi, I can relate to you. Personally, i am asexual as well. However, i feel a need to be loved like you do. this is not wrong. the desire to be loved and valued by someone else is a basic human instinct. and is very healthy. I for one, am disgusted by the thought of sex. It is quite simply nasty. However, that doesn't mean someone cant love you. But it will be hard to find someone who wants to stay with you if you can meet one of their most basic human needs. That's just something you are going to have to accept. Like you said, "I see most of society as a product of the instinct to mate" and most people have this instinct and have a need to act on it. You cant really blame them. But hey, perhaps you can get lucky and find someone who is able to do that. Anyway, good luck with your life.

  • you will meet someone who loves you for yourself and doesn't care about the sex part!

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