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As a 23 year old living on my own and being a single mother, I wish I knew back then that high school does not prepare you for the real world. Here's the truth, the real world sucks. It will kick you to your knees and spit on you when you try to get up. It will wait until something good happens in your life, then take it away from you and rip it to shreds. You cannot be whatever you want to be, that's bullcrap. The friends you have now, will fuck your boyfriend in college and no matter how close you are now, your friends will leave. Don't go to college to be a painter, don't go to college to do music, because no matter how they tell you that you can be anything you want to, bills don't get paid when you're chasing dreams only to wait up ten years later with a bottle in your hand, a transsexual in your bed and an eviction notice on your door. Get a job that pays decent money, that has insurance and that you hate. You have no choice. The government makes everything so fucking expensive that you can't wait on your dreams. Life isn't rainbows and nobody is nice. Life is long, painful and stressful. You're welcome. Sincerely, the truth. (23 year to old college student on her own)

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  • Life is tuff, is not always colorful and happy, we know. But it has good moments. You seems to be in a hard situation right now, and only see the darkness of life. Dont throw away the joy, especially for your kid. Be a sunshine in his life, not an frustrated, depressive or negative influence to your child.

  • I rather live a happy and full life then a dull and boring one, just because all of this happened to you doesn't mean it happens to everyone.

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