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i dont wanna get older.. my sister works in a nursing home and always tells me how horrible it is to be old. i also worked in a nursing home before and seeing all those helpless people scared the shit out of me. i dont wanna suffer like these old people. I'm really scared, i wanna die as soon as i am 40 years old.

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  • You know there are 70 year old that do ironman just cause your old doesn't mean you will be helpless only if you let it get that way

  • You don't have to freak out and die when you are 40. There are a variety of age groups in nursing homes, most are very old and can no longer take care of themselves or have memory problems they are usually 80+ and the majority of the younger ones are people who didn't take care of themselves who are usually overweight, have mobility issues, and diabetes. You don't need to be afraid of getting old, you need to take care of yourself health wise to prevent yourself from becoming dependent on others. I work at a nursing home and that's what I have taken out of my experiences there.

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