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I continue to smoke because I want to die but am too much of a coward to actually end myself. I really don't see any point to my life and no future to speak of. It's not my circumstances or my family's lack of wealth or anything...I come from a good family, the son of a relatively successful businessman, and have all I could need to become successful. It's just my choices, my priorities and my outlook. One day I'll go and they'll all say: "he was a waste of flesh anyway". All because I can't get over things that happened when I was a kid. -Don't console me or offer advice please*

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  • A silent scream for help

  • That you want consolation or advice or not doesn't matter, it's sad to hear such things and if you feel confortable with the way you live, then so be it I'm not the judge of anyone, but keep in mind that you're ultimately the only person in control to what happens to you and how you feel every situation, so turning them around is a mind battle between you and yourself. All in all, you don't see your potential right now, but I hope something in life will make you realise it.

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