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I recently met this guy online, i never meet people online He lives in a different country, but he is the sweetest thing ever. I feel like he is trying really hard to be a really good friend, but sometimes being from two different cultures and even two different religions makes it hard for him to understand why i am doing something He talks to me everyday, and he is always there for me *since i am a bit of a drama queen Sometimes he turns around things to talk about sex, and he gets annoyed when i stop him He told me that he loved me, which freaked me out ! I asked him as a friend ? He was like uhhhh yea sure And when ever i am down, he keeps on saying that he loves till i say something back, which is usually a simple smile with a thank you Am i overthinking this, and he is just so sweet and truly loves me as a friend ? Or is there something behind that i love you ?

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  • My sister met her boyfriend online (well better said over WoW) and I am pretty sure they said that they love each other before they met, but they weren't serious till they met.

  • he seems like a creep. remember, you can't "love" a person until you've met her/him in person!

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