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I hate my depression cycle. I become depressed, house hold chores become neglected, once chores pile up I stop seeing my friends. Once I stop seeing my friends, I sink a step lower. Then I start to forget to take my adderall. Then withdrawal symptoms worsen the depression. Afterwords I realize I've become depressed and I sink to a whole new low. I know the only way to break the cycle is to man up, clean the damned apartment, walk the dogs, and start over. But then Saturday comes and I think, oh I'm tired from the week. I'm blue. I'll do it tomorrow. Then Sunday comes and I feel like a piece of shit, so I sulk. Then Monday comes... So at this point I now have five weeks of laundry piled up, no clean dishes, I haven't done grocery shopping in two weeks and I don't remember the last time I walked the dogs. Seriously, Saturday I gotta get this shit done. I can't let myself get any lower. I just need to buck up, get up early instead of sleeping till noon, put on a star wars marathon and clean so that my dogs and my boyfriend don't have to live in a miserable pig sty of a home

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  • You can do it :) I just got out of my low and I'm trying to do as much as I can till the next one. Fight when you can. You secretly have the strength for it you just need to prove it to yourself. I wish you luck and strength for any future difficult times ahead. And remember to appreciate the good times as well :)

  • Ditch the adderall. Zoloft and counseling.

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