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Some years ago I had a ONS and at the time really got along well with the guy, we chatted about private things, but now he annoys me with this knowledge and just won't leave me alone, but I'm too polite to just tell him that he's a creep for stalking my online activity, obviously keeping a log of what he knows about me, especially my sex life, and uses EVERY word to turn it into something sexual. He really really annoys me but I can't just tell him, but asking him to have some respect for me and my relationship or dropping inappropriate topics doesn't help anything.

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  • He's not a 'one night stand', he's a (cyber)stalker. Tell him to fuck off. If he doesn't involve the state police. They take a real dim view of that shit.

  • Don't be polite to people that stalk you and creep you out,

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