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I'm relatively still young, but a year+ back I've managed to fall in love with someone who I've just seen to be the best person ever, and tried to be such a good person as well.. Now 'we' as a pair are of course long gone, since March, but I've still had a small shard of love for a person who betrayed me, hurt me, and caused me to be miserable, yet now that I see what has become of the woman I've once loved, I lose my heart. Today she forced me to give back a few things she gave me not only as a gift in a relationship, but she promised that I would keep it as a token of friendship, and I let it all go, feeling both relieved, but sad at the same time that I never could really set things straight with yet-another person who started to hate me for being who I am, and I'm just trying to get something off my chest here, so thank you all.

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  • Well it's not necessarily that she started to hate you. I suppose you are just fine as you are (: The person you loved is, sadly, long gone. I know you're fine as you are, and so should you. It's time to move on :)

  • Tone down the drama. No one worth being with will tolerate it for even a moment,

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