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Today's my 18th birthday. I just think that birthdays are overrated nowadays.

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  • Happy belated birthday. Wait till you hit 22 and you'll be able to drink it up. Birthdays are over rated, I use to hate mine because I never had a big party ever, and never got anything good, and it always felt like every time I was happy it always got ruined so I hated birthdays. But I dumped my ex, living on my own and for the first time I had a nice birthday, I didn't do shit! Wait till you get out on your own and you'll have fun with birthdays, just bare through the crappy ones to get to the good ;)

  • I totally agree! I recently got 22 and i wasn't even home because i hated the idea of celebrating it. If anything, my mum should be celebrated for giving birth to me ;)

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