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I'm so self-concious that I can't function properly in life. I have a boyfriend who I think is way out of my league.. I can hardly go out in public anymore because I feel like I embarrass him. he says I'm beautiful every day but when I look at myself I see something that could be so much better. I try dressing up and looking pretty sometimes but it never works, I always end up just throwing on jeans and cowgirl boots on putting on my ballcap to hide my face. sometimes its so bad I just take burning hot showers until my skin is bright red then lock myself in my room and have a break down. I'm disgusting and hideous. and its ruining my life.

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  • Your boyfriend likes you for who you are, don't harm yourself for feeling inadequate for him, he chose you over other women he could've been in a relationship with. As long as you can be yourself when you're with him, you don't have anything to worry about.

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