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I'm homophobic (towards guys) and I have gay friends... I mean, I'm fine with my friends having any kind of relationship and that and they understand my situation, which is why I hold them dear. But, as soon as someone gay or a guy poking fun makes a move on me, I feel like throwing up and I freeze up. In fact, my friend dry humped me one day and I was completely terrified....... One of my friends just sat there and just let it happen. I asked him to turn on the light at least since he wasn't going to do anything. I was sobbing for a whole night and I didn't notice when I fell asleep. Obviously, I didn't go to college the next day. Made me realize that I can't trust some of my friends with my life.... Kinda feels good to type all that out.

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  • Those aren't your friends :-) just sayin.

  • I made the first comment, I am very very very very sorry! I missread, I thought he had just made some move on you, not ... . Well I am very sorry! You have someone to talk about it? What happened to you is awful! You can even report it to the police if you have the courage to. I'm very sorry about it , and about my first message! I really do hope you'll get better :/

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