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I know it's not sad or anything, it's the contrary in fact, but I really feel like I have to tell someone. I'm happy. I've been through a lot in my life, I'm 20 and my life is finally great since last year. I feel so lucky! I know I could complain for hours because of my past, but I am now so glad and full of joy that I don't care anymore what my life was. What's making me so happy is mostly my boyfriend. I feel like I have met the one, and he feels this way too. We're living together, and we're like little cats always playing, laughing, running after the other, making love, looking the other in the eyes full of softness and love. Sometimes we love each other so much, that we cry tears of joy looking at each other's eyes. We've already talked about marriage, spending our lifes together and having babies when our studies will be over and I feel so excited of my futur now. I know it depends on him (if something were to happen to him;..I can't even think about it!) but I'm so confident of his love for me that I have absolutly no anxiety about it. I like everything about him, I even adore his flaws with all my heart. We're like best friends, soulmate.. Well I just wanted to share my happiness with all of you, I really hope that you have found this sort of love, if not that you will find it because it's something that brightens your life in way that I can't even explain. I also wanted to say for the people who don't believe anymore in love, that true love still exists, and that one day you'll find it <3

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  • So lucky!!! I'm craving to move with ny boyfriend, he's finishing his career next year but I still have some more to do. Having problems with muy parents about my future, but everything seems to dissapear when we hug together at night. In september we will be moving closer -not together yet- but we both picture our whole life together... Marriage, a kitten, travels, plans, one or two kids in some years. Moving to another country... I got off topic, sorry xD Good luck you two, you are so lucky! Be happy!

  • (I'm the one who posted it) Thank you for the people who have commented, it's means a lot and thanks to you I have a big smile in my face x) Have a nice day!

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