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Im finally in a relationship that's perfect and I can't really complain, I mean I want to marry the guy and what not but...when im around him I feel stupid. He's pretty much a historian and I know nothing about history. I mean I know as much as I got from school but that's it. And I feel bad that I can't have full conversations with him about history like he does with his friends. I want to learn history for him but it's not something im interested in at all, Im just not motivated to learn it...what should I do?

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  • There's other things you guys can talk about. It's healthy to have your own personal interests and share others.

  • History is interesting if you break it down. Think of an era, person or even a fashion(like the history of crowns) and see if he knows anything about that. If you try to find something in history you are interested in and include him in your exploring it, it will be a bonding experience. And just know it's ok to not have everything in common with your boyfriend. Ask him what got him into history. Maybe whatever sparked his interest will have the same effect with you.

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