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I'm overweight and I hate myself for this. I feel sad, angry or I nothing most of the times. I go to the beach, wear the clothes I want or any other clothes, talk to my crush and to my friends, walk on the road and I feel bad, ashamed and awkward. I am a coplete disappointment. I should not survive. If I wasn't a coward I would've killed myself a loooong time ago. I'm a waist of oxygen, water and food

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  • I know how you feel, im overweight too... but that is something you can change if you really want!! All you need is to eat healthy and excercise If you really really want to you can change that. Don't give up you have the key in your own hands it's your choice!!

  • I was overweight 120 kilo's (264 pound), what I did was start a very small routine. daily pushups (the 100 pushups website) after I did that for 1 month I started adding walking for 1 hour every mon/wed/fri. That's how far I've gone now. I'm around 110 now. It is a challenge but come on. WE CAN DO IT!!!! join in. and ehm, yes i'm still overweight. My goal is 90 kilo's in 6 month's.

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