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Just want to talk about something here because you guys already gave me some good pieces of advices, and it feels good sometimes to hear thoughts from people who aren't involved, and who are not afraid of telling the truth. So the problem is quite simple, i met this guy yesterday, we agreed on going out for a drink, but instead we went to his apartment, but i left early to join friends, even if we had a great time, laughing and chatting.. He called me this morning, asking if i wanted to stop by, so i went to his place, we kissed and one thing leading to another, we had sex. Anyway he is really nice, funny, interesting, cute, the sex is great, and he wants to see me again, but the big thing is that he is 28, and i'm 17, i really don't know what to do ..

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  • If you keep seeing him is fine, just please use contraception... I'm sorry but I think is cool if you enjoy whatever you have with the guy no matter how old are you (you are almost 18 anyway) but be responsible.

  • At 17 it's awkward. You're not legal, but your mindset won't change until your birthday unless something life changing happens. If you want to be in a relationship with him, I don't see a problem, but whatever you do, try to keep quiet about what's happening with him until after your 18th birthday, just to keep the legal aspect dealt with.

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