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I met a guy 5 months ago, we were hanging out for a couple of weeks and we really liked each other. I'm in a band and we were supposed to play some songs in a bar, but the bassist broke his hand and leg, so I asked the guy I met if he could play (he's also a bassist). The songs we'd play are from his (and my) favourite band and he has an amaaising voice, so he also sung. I am a very good guitarist and I knew these songs perfect. But I could concentrate on nothing but him. His voice. Oh, my, it's so deep!!! When we finished the first song I went there and kissed him, in front of everyone there without caring what everyone would thinkcand he kissed me back... The same night we went at the hotel where he was staying (he was there for work) and we had sex. 5 times... The thing is, I am 15 and he is 25. I had told about him only to one of my friends, but I've told her he's 19 and I haven't tod her we've had sex. So he came yesterday (he lives in another country) for work and he visited me. My parents weren't at home, we hadn't seen each other ffor 5 months, you know what happened. But we forgot to lock the front door and a friend of mine (we're friends for a long time, we're very famiiliar and we let each other go into each other's house freely. I also kinda have a crush on him for 1 yearr) came into us having sex on the kitchen table. fuck. I put on a jacket and went after him. He was shocked and he told me he's in love with me. fuck^2. And that he knows I have a crush on him. fuck^3. And my bf (the 25yo) heared him. fuck^4

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  • why are you with someone thats 25 years old that you just seem to find attractive ? Idk It seems like its more lust? you dont mention any other things besides very shallow things not to be mean but its seems very logical that your crush of one year! and a good friends seems a better option...also a 25 year old should know not to sleep with 15 year olds.. its just wrong.. but you will find it out later in life

  • This is a repost. I didn't think the t&c's allowed reposts.

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