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My fiance is associated with a biker gang. but not in the gang.. they just owe him a couple favors. He wanted to send out an order to the gang to have my dad killed so I let him, because my dad raped me 14 years ago and has been abusive to me and my mom for years. My dad is now 3 days away from disappearing and he has no idea. and I think its funny.

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  • I'd leave him alive. Cut off his arms at the elbows, legs at the knees. Drill holes in every other tooth removing the others ( make sure upper and lowers don't line up so he can't chew). Cut off his lips, tongue, and burn his eyes with a cigar. Cut off his penis but leave the balls. Put a roofing nail in each testicle. As you drop him off at a hospital in Mexico put a knife in between his vertebrae severing his spine. Tattoo 'happy Father's Day!' On his chest.

  • If the police find out you too will be implicated and face charges

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