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I dont have anyone to talk about this except to the confesster community. I hate my parents. I ABSOLUTELY hate them. Ever since I was little I've always been hit by them with either a hanger or a belt when I did something wrong. Whether that mistake be a simple math problem or a moral lesson. The pain of being hit carried on till i was basically in 10th grade. I grew up also watching my older sister getting the "special treatment", she was not hit the same way I was. She was scolded with words while i was taught with physical pain. I remember my father hitting me with a metal boomerang i won as a prize. I'm sick and tired of having to "respect" them out of fear. Even though they're my parents i no longer wish to do so. I'm sick of being pushed around by my spoilt brat of a sister just because they're more partial to her. I'm lost at words at the moment so I guess i'll just stop here.

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  • Well, I have been through similar and worse. Being an Indian myself, I'd suggest, study hard, get a job or graduate (masters) abroad , and move out of their life. Things will get better. Stay motivated, and focussed. Use anger as your motivation.

  • Of what I read you must be an indian. Parents in india have no legal obligation hitting their children. The best is you move out on the basis of studies to a diff city, state or country.

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