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I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship with girl B and now my ex (girl A from high school) and I are fuck-buddies...It seemed like a good idea at first (after all, she's a lot better in bed then the previous one) but I have this creeping feeling that this will turn into something more, something I don't want. Girl A is "A" for "addictive". She's an unstable, cute little creature, an animal in bed and a depressive cutter. When I'm around her I can't help myself...She turns me on in strange ways and I can't ever say "no" to her, nor can I speak freely without being self conscious. -Last time she ruined my self esteem, social life and sense of optimism BUT I was HAPPY.......What should I do confesster???

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  • Run, don't walk far away from the crazy bitch

  • *move on

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