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One of my best friends since my freshman year in high school and I work together, there is only 6 of us that work in the specific area that we do, but she and 2 other coworkers decided to have a beer before coming to work, she is underage and so is 1 of the 2 she did this with, the of age girl bought them the alcohol and the 2 under aged girls drank it while she video taped and put it on snapchat, we work in a kennel and they could have seriously hurt an animal (thankfully they didnt) but I showed the manager, who I am very close with, the of age girl was confronted about it and she spilled her guts, but only said that the other girl drank, not my "best friend" , the crazy part is, none of them were fired because of how little of a staff we have, but the other girl quite the other day because she was still mad about this ordeal and decided to scream at my manager, but was I wrong to show my manager?

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  • Nope, you were doing the right thing not only for yourself but also for the animals that could've been hurt really bad for drinking!!

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