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I dont love my fiance anymore. I use to, but his true colors have surfaced. Ever since our daughter was born, he seems to think that its ok for me to work a 40 hr a week waitressing job, clean the house, cook, food shop and take care of the pets and daughter all while he sits on his ass all day at a desk job. He comes home and hardly ever even acknowledges me, gets into bed and goes to sleep. And he thinks this all because he pays the bills.im sick of him treating me like an inferior. But I wont leave him bc I believe you have to work it out and divorce isnt a real option

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  • Talk to him about it. If he doesn't change then you need to leave him or you will burn out and that will not be good for you or your daughter. You're not married yet so divorce shouldn't be an issue.

  • Desk jobs can be mentally tiring. Best thing to do is talk to him about it, you need to think for your daughter now.

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